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Silicone Resuscitators

Silicone Resuscitators manufactured by surgiluxindia are developed using food grade silicone rubber and polycarbonate so that makes these safe to use as well as long lasting in terms of expire or finish. Silicone Resuscitators are also autoclavable up to 136oC and come with other finish properties including resistant to aging, non-toxic and & non-allergic finish. In addition, Silicone Resuscitators feature transparent polycarbonate nonrebreathing valves as well as clearhood facemasks that facilitate visual monitoring of lips and regurgitation.

In addition, Silicone Resuscitators snonrebreathing “L” valves are designed for achieving low resistance and also allows 360 degree swivel so as to provide vital assistance in changing angle of operation without needing to disturb mask/tracheal tube. The superior design standards delivered also makes Silicone Resuscitators used for long periods without any operational fatigue. All spare are available as required as resuscitators are made indigenously.

Specifications :

  • 1600ml. self inflating double ended silicone bag with mounts incorporating Reservoir valve and side feed oxygen inlet
  • Type “L” nonrebreathing valve with pressure limiting device wherein it will open if the inspiratory pressure is more than 60cms of water (9282)
  • Size 4 Clearhood facemask with silicone cuff (8051)
  • 1.5mtrs oxygen enrichment tubing (5038) & 2600ml Reservoir bag (5031) all in a carrying case
  • The options made available by us under this include surgiluxindia Adult Silicone Resuscitator, surgiluxindia Large Child Silicone Resuscitator, surgiluxindia Child Silicone Resuscitator and surgiluxindia Infant Silicone Resuscitator.

Surgiluxindia have been delivering the best quality range of Silicone Resuscitators to our clients. Being a leading firm in this industry, we are manufacturing a high-quality range of Silicone Resuscitators. We are focused to provide our clients excellent quality Silicone Resuscitators. Apart from this, Surgilux provides this Silicone Resuscitators at reasonable price to our clients. Surgiluxindia is a brand for high quality surgical Silicone Resuscitators.

Adult Resuscitator


Child Resuscitator


Infant Resuscitator


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